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AWME presents music from Australia and the wider region to potential buyers across all areas of the industry from the local and international music market as well as provide the general public who attended the concerts with an opportunity to enjoy a specially curated program of musical and artistic excellence.

AWME has two distinct but very connected elements that include an industry development component and a general public program.

The primary emphasis of the event is to provide a platform to foster stronger relationships with music industry associates both nationally and from around the globe that are specifically interested in product from this region.


In the evenings local, national and international delegates representing record labels, media, festivals, booking agents and presenters view artists performing to a public audience at various Melbourne venues. The venues selected provide a backdrop for presenting major showcase acts, as well as more intimate performances.

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Industry development

•  Information area for local, national and international industry-related organisations

• Workshops and collaboration opportunities in aspects of music songwriting and performance.

•  Informative conference sessions and workshops on accessing the market in Australia and the wider region featuring expert guest speakers

• Workshops covering a broader aspect of the music industry including, technical, management, and publicity aspects.

•  An informal space that includes a café area to allow delegates to network formally and informally during the day and evening

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•  Raise the local and international profile of roots music groups based in Australia, and Pacific region

•  Contribute to the development of the local music sector through fostering stronger ties and networks with individuals and organisations in Australian and major overseas markets

•  Contribute to the ongoing development of a healthy, sustainable, and diverse cultural community within Australia and the wider region

•  Market Melbourne as a strong cultural destination and major supporter of the arts within the Oceania, Asia and Pacific region

•  Provide greater economic opportunity for artists